We had a CalHFA Training Seminar on July 17th!

Molly Elis, CalHFA Training Specialist, was here to offer us a great seminar and it was a fantastic experience (Thank you, Molly!)

For those who were unable to attend or watch the webinar, here is the video and PDF recorded.


  • Watch Webinar
  • See slides
  • Photos from the webinar

To watch the video in the youtube, please click or use this link. https://youtu.be/rzhbDrX9Svk

*Since there were several technical issues, we couldn’t record first 5 minutes. Thank you for your understanding.

From left to right, Sean Khan – MHL Sales Manager, Molly Elis – CalHFA Training Specialist, Keith Inger – Cheif Credit Officer, Marcela Paniagua – Account Executive