FasTrac Quick & Secure Mortgage Loan Application

We can customize FasTrac with your information to cater more customized page for your prospects! Put your Agent’s name and give your customers a more secured and personal experience

Put Your Name On

Meet MHL IT, with Majestic Home Loan’s IT Dept, you can customize FasTrac with your own name and more! Put your employees’ names and give your customers more trust.

Directly into your pipeline

Benefit from your own marketing page, and they are your own leads. All leads generated by your FasTrac page will directly go into your pipeline. No one can see your leads and you can easily originate your customers’ loans with FasTrac and MTrac!

Easy 4 Steps

It’s not easy collecting prospect’s information, and we know it’s frustrating. Well we will take care of that challenge for you. With FasTrac’s easy 4-step online mortgage application, your prospects can always access their application status. It will be automatically saved, and your customers always stop, pause and resume their loan application at their will!

Apply Anywhere

Not only accessible through PC, FasTrac is accessible through mobile phone and tablets. (must be connected to proper internet) Your customer simply connect to FasTrac to start, save and finish their mortgage loan application. All steps will be saved automatically, and they can start it again, anywhere.


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